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Est. 1955


Tony's Pace had its origin in Naples, Italy. It was there, over a century ago, that a family tradition began. From wood burning bakery ovens, came the first in a long line of eating pleasures which would eventually lead to what you see before you today. There were no supermarkets then and everything for the table was purchased in the small individuals shops of the day. Then, as now, fine food was not taken for granted. The wealthy families of the city we accommodated with large loaves of fresh, warm, white bread. The less prosperous individuals usually chose the small brown loaves for there table.

New York City, at the turn of the century, was the debut of Tony's in America. Here emerged a family store and then a second. The initial store catered mainly to local old world tastes, while the newer and larger one expanded to include a variety of baked products distributed throughout the city. These stores were among the first in the country to offer prepackaged macaroni for sale. Ask Tony and he'll tell you of the large coal burning ovens which were half the size of the room you are presently seated in.

In 1955 Tony's came to Valparaiso, Indiana. Initially located on top of the Lincolnway Hill. Tony's was the first pizza in the area and has traditionally remained the finest. To better serve our customers, our restaurant was expanded to its present location in 1962. Since that time, Tony has continued to create a congenial atmosphere in which to dine. Today our Menu features not only Tony's original pizza, but the finest Italian dishes, domestic and imported wines, and Tony's Delicious Deep Dish Pizza. Thousands of guest and friends, including celebrities from the entertainment field to professional athletes, have come to enjoy Tony's fine menu and hospitality. Red Buttons, Alex Karas, and Vic Damone all agree that Tony's Deep Dish Pizza cannot be surpassed.

As a century ago, traditional recipes are still used in preparing our dishes. There are no substitutes made on your personal order. Our product is our foremost concern and we do not compromise on quality. One of the Tony's is always present in the restaurant to make sure that dining at Tony's Place will be an eating pleasure which you will not forget. We are still small enough to care.​

Tony and Mary Gengo
            Est. 1955
Anthony Gengo Jr